About Us


Through my work with clients, friends, and family, I realized that while women have an idea of what to expect before pregnancy, and during pregnancy, but after delivering a baby they are on their own. The focus turns from them to the baby, and new mamas are left to navigate their new bodies, new babies, and new relationship to themselves alone.


In the past and in other cultures, women were supported by their families and their villages and everyone came together to rally around the new mama and her baby, sharing food, information, and love. But in today’s world, our villages are farther apart, and we miss out on the extra helping hands. The gift boxes I am working to create will be nutritionally balanced and come from female founders in LA (women supporting women!) to enable new mamas to heal in mind, body, and spirit. They are reminders that you have a village, and that they are thinking of you and are with you in the best way that they can be. Your village sees you and wants to celebrate you, support you, and acknowledge your bravery and your struggle.

For me, food is love. It is my way of showing that I care and provide love for my friends and family. I want you to be a part of my community. Let me care for you!